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Top 10 Free Tools to Test Website Speed

A website that loads quicker is frequently rewarded with more pages views. Therefore, improving your search engine rankings. More so, the site’s performance depends too much on its speed. When was the last time you conducted a website speed audit? Experts say it is smart to do so 1-2 times per month to be most efficient.


The speed ought to be reviewed periodically, this way your IT team can make all the SEO (search engine optimization) fixes in a timely manner without falling behind.


It’s essential to examine the speed of your website. Free tools can be utilized for the objective. In this article, we would discuss the top 10 free online tools to test your website speed.



Load Impact

Load Impact is a valuable and accessible free online tool where you can quickly check your website speed. This tool assures that a website is offered with ample amounts of data to enable an increased flow of user traffic. By applying this tool, the inspector can get graphical information, load time data, and request information by the second.


Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is another commonly used and valuable tool to test a website speed to strengthen its performance. This tool offers a comprehensive statement of a particular website’s speed and performance as seen in the eyes of Google. Based on the before-mentioned information, a website can quickly be improved when speaking about display alterations and adjustments.


Page Speed Online

Page Speed Online is another favorite website testing tool from Google directly. This website speed test tool is compelled to receive positive results for being a Google product. By applying this tool, your website’s performance can be scrutinized and examined against the very high and strict standards set by Google.


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IWebTool is another free online tool used to examine a website’s loading speed. By using this unfettered tool, webmasters and users can test the speed and estimate the overall performance of the website. More so, a genuine analysis and report are collected that assists in the maturity of the website as it grows.


Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is an indispensable website speed testing tool that also analyzes the speed which then contributes to a set of issues and outcomes. A plethora of reports is obtained once the speed of a website is tested through this tool.


This site speed tool proffers separate reports on the testing speed of pictures, custom-style sheets, and much more. Furthermore, this tool makes it simple to know about the load speed and page dimensions of a website.



Vertain is a free online software tool that is widely used for the end goal of testing a particular website’s speed. Apart from the website, this tool also tests your server speed in order to give a clear conception of the performance of a website. By using Vertain, your page speed irregularities are easily tracked and a site’s overall performance is assessed against several other domains to meet the objective.



Site-Perf is a free online website measurement tool that is used by many users and webmasters alike. Applying this speed tool, a website’s loading page would be identified throughout an accurate collection of data and metric points. The difference with Site-Perf is that it tests a website speed after taking into thought images, CSS, and different files.


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Website Optimization

Website Optimization is a free online tool to test a website speed to enhance its performance. Using this tool, a website’s page tome and download time could be easily known. Once the URL of a website is entered, the tool processes all information to fetch the complete loading speed.


Web Page Test

Web Page Test is another popular tool to check the loading speed of a website. Using this too, a website’s performance can be boosted through its improvement in the loading speed. This tool ensures that the loading test is carried out from multiple locations across the globe.


Show Slow

Show Slow is an excellent tool to examine a website’s speed to support its performance enrichment. The most enjoyable part of this tool is its public presentation of results and analysis was performed for all of the URLs. It means nothing if it remains hidden when this tool shows results and everyone can have access to this fact.